based on Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night

Once Upon a Long Day

Reżyseria: Luk Perceval

Narodowy Stary Teatr im Heleny Modrzejewskiej (Kraków, Poland)

Monday, 3.06.2024 | at 8pm

Teatr „Baj Pomorski”, ul. Piernikarska 9

Earphones: English  
The performance with an induction loop

Once Upon a Long Day, directed by the outstanding Belgian director Luk Perceval, is an original adaptation of O’Neill’s drama, interpreted through the contemporary lens of addiction issues. Western societies are no longer addicted to just alcohol and drugs, as in O’Neill’s times, but also to social media, computer games, pornography, work and shopping. Although drugs evolve over time, the fundamental mechanism of addiction remains the same. What kind of void are addicts trying to fill? What makes them escape from reality into the world of illusion? Why do they run away from the pain of life? Is there a way to confront it? Two of Perceval’s productions were featured at the Kontakt festival: Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman (Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin) in 2007, and Yellow – The Sorrows of Belgium II: Rex (NTGent, Ghent).

Premiere: 23.06.2023  


Directed and Adapted by Luk Perceval
Scriptwriter: Luk Perceval
Dramaturgy: Roman Pawłowski
Set design: Philip Buβmann
Costume design: Katharina Beth
Lighting design: Mark Van Denesse
Music: Wojciech Blecharz
Script translation: Karolina Bikont

James Tyrone: Roman Gancarczyk
Cathleen: Paulina Kondrak
Jamie Tyrone: Łukasz Stawarczyk
Mary Tyrone: Małgorzata Zawadzka

Running time: 2h 40 (one interval)  

Photography: Magda Hueckel


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