The Ugly One

Premiere: October 25, 2014

Marius von Mayenburg “The Ugly One” (Der Hässliche) Translated by: Michał Ratyński

Directed by: Bartosz Zaczykiewicz Production

Designer: Iza Toroniewicz Stage movement: Paulina Andrzejewska

Musical arrangement: Catherine Brochocka

The title character, a designer employed in a corporation is informed by his boss that he will not promote his latest invention at the world conference because … he is unspeakably ugly. Under the pressure from the environment, he decides to undertake a radical step, which brings surprising results. The play by Marius von Mayenburg is a grotesque image of the world immersing in the constant race to modernity and excellence. It is a careful observation of the century of progress, global village and universal unification. The author explores the limits of manipulation, which we are subjected to almost at every step. Mayenburg poses very timely questions about the sense of one’s own identity at a time when ideals of beauty are dictated by the media and the omnipresent consumerism begins to eat the consumer. Man, through his conformity, desperately tries to adapt to the demands of the society at the cost of losing personality and extreme madness. Will the title “ugly one” find the way out of the situations that life puts in front of him? The performance features music by Wojciech Kilar from the film “Salto” directed by Tadeusz Konwicki.

Starring: Matylda Podfilipska, Łukasz Ignasiński, Marek Milczarczyk, Paweł Tchórzelski. Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes (without a break)