Lars Norén

About Love

Reżyseria: Iwona Kempa

Polish pre-premiere: June 16, 2012

Translated by: Elżbieta Frątczak-Nowotny
Direction, set, music arrangement: Iwona Kempa

In the play “About Love” by Lars Norena the characters are called A, B, C, D and E.
With difficulty from scraps of their conversations paused every now and then by silence it is possible to compose their history, or rather only its fragments. These are two crumbling marriages and someone else-another partner, an accidentally met man, a mirror reflection of one of the heroes, witness of the events?
In the background there are children. Children that are not there, but who are all the time talked about. Because of whom some relationships fall apart, others continue, although they should have fallen apart a long time ago. The characters talk about their children that they decided to leave. About the children, they do not have, but they want very much. About own and adopted children, loved and unwanted, and those who have died.
In this play the most important is what is not there. The most important is the lack – lack of love, lack of children, lack of words. This play consists of our everyday, often banal conversations, snatches of sentences, screams, spells and silence. This is the record of not being able to name what we feel and what we want to say.
It’s also a play about the fact that at any moment we are condemned to the need to make choices and we bear indelible, individual responsibility for them. This is our privilege and our curse. One of the characters says, “I do not want to choose … whatever I will do, I will crumble.”.
It is also a play about our human helplessness. Deprived of old certainties and moral guidelinesn we answer the most important questions in our lives in the same way as the Noren’s characters: I do not know.
Iwona Kempa – director

Starring: Anna Magalska-Milczarczyk, Matylda Podfilipska, Paweł Kowalski, Sławomir Maciejewski (guest), Tomasz Mycan.

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes (without a break)