Reżyseria: Aurélien Bory

Compagnie 111 – Aurélien Bory (Toulouse, France) i Teatro Biondo (Palermo, Italy)

Thursday, 6.06.2024 | at 9pm
Friday, 7.06.2024 | at 8pm

CKK Jordanki, al. Solidarności 1-3

In his work Aurélien Bory drew inspiration from a 15th-century fresco made in the tapestry style entitled The Triumph of Death by an anonymous artist (now housed in Galleria Abatellis in Palermo). The director saw in the painting the key for his research on today’s anxieties. The backdrop for Invisibili was designed to repro- duce the fresco on a gigantic canvas. Four dancers and a singer faithfully recreate characters from the painting. Bory subtly reminds us, in a memento mori style, that although the bubonic plague no longer poses a threat to humanity, slipping from form to form, death hovers by. The projection of medieval death (the plague) sud- denly dissolves and disappears, giving way to modern death caused by migration, and the Horseman of Death assumes the shape of a modern rubber dinghy carrying a smuggler and his victims. The vividness and musicality of the performance create an enchanting atmosphere, captivating the audience. Some of the sequences of the Dance of Death lead to liberating laughter at times. 


Design, Scenography, Direction: Aurélien Bory
Artistic collaboration, Costumes: Manuela Agnesini
Artistic and technical collaboration: Stéphane Chipeaux-Dardé
Music: Gianni Gebbia, Joan Cambon
Additional music: Arvö Part “Pari Intervallo” (transcripted by Olivier Seiwert), Léonard Cohen “Hallelujah”, J.S. Bach “Gigue, 2ième suite for Violoncelle”
Light design: Arno Veyrat
Set design, machinery and props: Hadrien Albouy, Stéphane Chipeaux-Dardé,Pierre Dequivre, Thomas Dupeyron, Mickaël Godbille
Technical Director: Thomas Dupeyron
Stage Manager: Mickael Godbille, Thomas Dupeyron
Sound Manager: Stéphane Ley
Light Manager: François Dareys or Arno Veyrat

Blanca Lo Verde,
Maria Stella Pitarresi,
Arabella Scalisi,
Valeria Zampardi,
Chris Obehi
Gianni Gebbia

Running time: 1h 10 (without interval) 

Photography: Rosellina Garbo


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