Zoltan Egressy

Blue, blue, blue

Reżyseria: Iwona Kempa

Premiere: April 16, 2005

Translated by: Jolanta Jarmołowicz
Direction, text development, music arrangement: Iwona Kempa
Set: Tomasz Olasik
Stage movement: Zbigniew Szymczyk

“Blue, blue, blue” is a contemporary story of a poor, falling circus troupe. The artists of “Philadelphia” can do very little, they ceased to practise long ago, even if they once had the talent, they wasted it, lost all ambitions. They would like to live differently, but they can not put any effort to make any changes. They dream of a better life, but do not know how to make those dreams come true. However, fate gives them a great opportunity to join the international organization of itinerant circuses (IC), which can guarantee them help and protect them from falling. We will witness an exceptional circus performance, which for the members of “Philadelphia” is to become a ticket to “Central European paradise”. Will they succeed? Is anything going to change? It’s a colorful, but bitter story about longing for a different, better life, about indelible gap between dreams and reality, about fear of unfulfillment and wasted life.

Starring: Julia Balsewicz (guest), Anna Romanowicz-Kozanecka, Teresa Stępień-Nowicka, Wanda Ślęzak (guest), Jolanta Teska, Ryszard Balcerek, Radosław Garncarek, Sławomir Maciejewski, Tomasz Mycan, Niko Niakas, Paweł Tchórzelski, Michał Marek Ubysz, Grzegorz Wiśniewski.
Duration: 2 h 40 min. (2 breaks)