Peter Assmusen


Reżyseria: Iwona Kempa

Premiere: September 9, 2006

Translated by: Elżbieta Frątczak-Nowotny
Directed by: Iwona Kempa
Set: Tomasz Polasik

Two marriages meet In the abandoned hotel on the beach. Benedikte and Verner are here for the first time. Sanne and Jan have visited this place for four or maybe five years (they can not decide). Both marriages are in crisis. The feeling of loneliness in the relationship directs them toward the second couple. That, what at first seems to be a fast-paced comedy, suddenly turns blacker and blacker, as the betrayal, failures, frustrations, and even death begin to influence the action. We observe the course of four holiday trips extended over a period of five years. Asmussen presents us with a story that is just a series of snapshots of life. The whole tragedy happens behind the scenes.

Starring: Mirosława Sobik, Jolanta Teska, Sławomir Maciejewski, Tomasz Mycan.

Duration: 1 hour 40 min. (without a break)
THE PERFORMANCE HAS BEEN AWARDED: “Neighbors’ Pearl” for Sławomir Maciejewski for the role of John at the Second Central Europe Theatre Festival “Neighbours” in Lublin (2007); award for Iwona Kempa for directing and award for Mirosława Sobik for her role of Benedikte at the Seventh National Festival of Contemporary Drama in Zabrze (2007).