Ophelias (Ofelie)

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Jolanta Janiczak “Ophelias”
Direction and musical arrangement: Wictor Rubin
Stage, video, Mirek Kaczmarek
Playwright: Jolanta Janiczak
Pre-premiere: November 13, 2011
Three famous women and their more famous partners: sculptress Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin, dancer and writer Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, poet Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. They were very talented, courageous, independent, hard-working. Has the fate of Ophelia befallen them because of that? Do relationships with men who practise related artistic professions have some influence on it? They could be inspiration and a springboard to success for each other, but it did not happen. Is it because they competed with each other, that in art it is easier to be “separate” than to be “together”? And is it only in art and artistic relationships that the partners’ narratives quickly cease to interrelate?

The duo writer – director evokes a world that yet did not like women – individuality. The times when only a man could have been a real artist and the female could have only been his assistant, secretary, life companion, housewife. Any exceptions from the designated restrictions ended badly as in the case of our Ophelias. But time verifies the values. Sylvia outperformed her husband after his death. Who remembers Ted? And the encyclopedias of art are supplemented today with the entry “Camille Claudel”. The story about three loves, fascination, perdition, suffering moves on swiftly due to acute, contemporary language of dialogue.

Starring: Aleksandra Bednarz, Matylda Podfilipska, Anna Romanowicz-Kozanecka, Jolanta Teska, Agnieszka Wawrzkiewicz, Daniel Chryc (guest), Łukasz Ignasiński, Tomasz Mycan, Grzegorz Wiśniewski

The performance is intended for adults.
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes (without a break)
Because of the expansive set, number of seats is limited.

Toruńskie ,,Ofelie” pokazują znaki markowe stylu Rubina – wulgarność, obsceniczność, fascynację kiczem i postmodernizmem, ale i trzeźwość spojrzenia, osobliwy liryzm, dynamikę akcji. (Szymon Spichalski, Teatr dla Was, listopad 2011 r.)

Direction and musical arrangement: Wictor Rubin
Stage, video, Mirek Kaczmarek
Playwright: Jolanta Janiczak

Ticket prices: normal – 25 PLN, reduced – 18 PLN, school – 16 PLN