Cyber ​​Cyrano

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István Tasnádi “Cyber Cyrano” (Cyber Cyrano), translated by Jolanta Jarmołowicz, Sylwia Bogdańska Directed by: Ula Kijak Set: Dominika Skaza Music: Maria Rumińska Video projections: Emanuela Osowska Polish pre-premiere: January 17, 2015. You’re not in the Internet? You do not exist. At least in the world of teenagers, which is governed by social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, that are indicators of popularity, and even … existence. Are you fat? Are you pimpled? Or maybe no one likes you? In the Internet it does not matter, because everyone is attractive and popular on-line. While the nicks or Facebook accounts may be false, the emotions are really authentic. Three teenagers know this very well – Zsuzsi, Mati and Heni, who – like their peers – live in two parallel worlds – real and virtual. However, in the Internet – as in real life – love, friendship, need for acceptance and trust are put to the same, if not heavier, test because there are much more possibilities of lies and manipulation. The way in which our heroes’ game in the web ends up will disrupt their world, and not only this virtual one. “Cyber Cyrano”, which is inspired by a true story, brilliantly balances on the edge of theater and online chat, showing how thin line exists between real and virtual reality. Starring: Aleksandra Bednarz, Matylda Podfilipska, Julia Sobiesiak, Łukasz Ignasiński, Maciej Raniszewski. Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes (without a break) NOTE: in the play, the effects similar to the operation of stroboscopic lamp and loud trance music are used.

Cyber ​​Cyrano

Niełatwe zadanie mieli aktorzy (…), którzy grają nastolatków. W doborowym zespole na szczególne brawa zasługuje Julia Sobiesiak, bardzo w roli Zsuzsi wiarygodna, subtelnymi środkami budująca postać.” (Mirosława Kruczkiewicz, “Nowości” nr 17, 22.01.2015)

Cyber Cyrano – czyli między realnym a wirtualnym, Alicja Wesołowska, naszemiasto.pl
Uczucia w gimnazjum, Mirosława Kruczkiewicz, Nowości
Między siecią a realem, Anita Nowak, Teatr dla Was

Cyber Cyrano, przekład: Jolanta Jarmołowicz, Sylwia Bogdańska
Reżyseria: Ula Kijak
Scenografia: Dominika Skaza
Muzyka: Maria Rumińska
Projekcje video: Emanuela Osowska

Zsuzsi – Julia Sobiesiak
Mati – Maciej Raniszewski
Heni – Aleksandra Bednarz (gościnnie)
Viktor – Łukasz Ignasiński
Moira – Matylda Podfilipska


normalny – 30 zł, ulgowy – 22 zł, szkolny – 20 zł